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Altivar Drives

Royal Wholesale Salt Lake City is the market leader for Altivar Drives and Industrial Controls.

We have the experience, knowledge, training, and inventory to provide a wide variety of solutions to our industrial customers.

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Meet some of our most popular Altivar Drives from Schneider Electric!

Altivar 320 Machine Drives

Altivar 320 offers a powerful combination of safety, reliability and simplicity with numerous out-of-the-box features for building more effective machines. Available in compact and book form factors for simplified installation and efficient space use, this drive allows machines to perform better with less down time and lower total machine costs.

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Altivar 320 Product Page

Altivar ATS480 Soft Starter

The award winning Altivar™ Soft Starter ATS480 is the next evolution of soft starters for digitization optimized to meet cybersecurity standard. Designed to address process and infrastructures, ATS480 simplifies project execution and maximizes the availability of your applications, even in the most demanding environments. 

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Altivar ATS480 Product Page

Altivar Process Drives

Royal Salt Lake City is proud to offer the robust line of Altivar Drives & Soft Starters from Schneider Electric. Meet the innovative line of Process Drives from Schneider Electric for MMM applications.

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Meet the ATS22 Soft Start 17A-590A

The Altivar ATS22 Soft Starter has been designed to meet the performance requirements of applications where ruggedness, security of personnel and equipment , and ease of setup are a priority. The Altistart 22 soft start/stop stop units support the controlled starting and stopping, via voltage and torque, of 3-phased squirrel cage asynchronous motors for power rating ranging from 4 to 400kW. They are supplied ready for use in standard applications with class 10 motor protection.

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Altivar ATS22 Product Page

The Altivar 630 Process Drive 1HP-500HP

The next generation of variable speed drives, Altivar Process is designed to deliver IIoT benefits. 

A smart, connected EcoStruxure-ready drive with built-in intelligence to gather data and share information at the enterprise level. 
• Improve operational efficiency, profitability and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).
• Offers range from 0.75 kW to 2600 kW in all voltages with easy-to-use and consistent experience for usability, functionality, performance, and flexibility.

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Altivar 630 Product Page

Helpful Altivar Drive Resources from Royal SLC

VFD Programming & Start-Up Services

Think of us as your local experts ready to assist and provide VFD support when you need it. Along with our partnership with Schneider Electric we can ensure improved performance and extend the warranty beyond standard terms. When you purchase your NEW VFD from us, you can be sure we will ensure your drive is operating at full efficiency.

Learn more about our VFD Programming & Start-Up Solutions.

YouTube Channel Altivar Drive Playlist

We maintain an extensive listing of product videos that run you through all the features & benefits of each drive to programming tips to ensure your drive runs as advertised.

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The Altivar Drives Family

Popular Altivar Drive Playlists on YouTube

Altistart 22 Softstart

Altivar 320 Drive

Altivar 630 Process Drive

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